Diog wy'n gwbod, ond doniol...

Daeth yr e-bost popbitch a gwên i'ngwyneb heddiw...
The Stella Awards are named after 81-year old
Stella Liebeck... who spilled coffee on herself
and successfully sued McDonald's for millions.

This years runners up are:
Jerry Williams of Little Rock, Arkansas. Won
$14,500 after being bitten on the arse by his
neighbour's beagle. Mr Williams was shooting it
repeatedly with a pellet gun at the time.

Amber Carson was paid $113,500 by a Philadelphia
restaurant after she broke her back from slipping
on a soft drink... which she had just thrown at
her boyfriend.

Kara Walton of Delaware sued a nightclub and
won $12,000 after falling from a bathroom window
and knocking out her two front teeth. This
occurred while Ms Walton was trying to sneak
through the window in the ladies room to avoid
paying the $3.50 cover charge.

But the winner is:
Mrs Merv Grazinski of Oklahoma who purchased a
brand new 32-foot Winnebago. On her first trip,
she drove on the freeway, set the cruise control
at 70 mph and went out back to make a sandwich.
She crashed. Then sued for the manual not
advising her not to do this.

The jury awarded her $1,750,000 plus a new motor
home. The company then changed their manuals
on the basis of this suit.

Ma Popbitch hefyd yn hysbysebu tocynnau am ddim i weld 'Jarhead' (Sam Mendes) yng Nghaerdydd nos Fercher ar ôl nesa, ond ma rhai o'n ni â cwis i 'neud...

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