Galw am remicses ar gyfer albym elusennol!

Wy'n hynod o slo yn postio'r pwt yma, ond 'nes i ddigwydd cofio heddiw fod label Fourrier Tramsform - sy'n creu cyfrolau cyfyng o recordiau obsciwr mewn pecynnau pert - yn mynd yn hollol groes i'w maniffesto a'n chwilio cyfrnaidau ar gyfer albym aml-gyfrannog ar-gael-i-bawb ar-lein i godi arian ar gyfer Samariaid Caerdydd.

Cynnwys yr albym fydd remicses o glasuron elusennol y gorffenol. Plîs, 'neith rhywun â'r gallu remicsio 'Dwylo Dros y Mor' iddyn nhw?

Co sut i gyfrannu...
Practical stuff: all contributions will be very gratefully received, but we can't promise to use everythiing for the final tracklist. We're hoping that the mp3 will be donated by the artist, so regrettably we won't be able to offer any payment for contributions (we're not making a penny from this). Artists will obviously still own the copyright to their sound recording though, so it doesn't have to be exclusive material. We'll have extensive 'sleeve notes' to give credit where it's due, more info about the artist, contact details etc. Ideally material will be 256kbps constant bit rate mp3s. Please don't email mp3s directly to us - either email a link to the file, or send a CD/minidisc/wax cylinder, with 'Crania Draft Massif' somewhere on the disc or envelope.